CU At Lil Red Barn Jada


     Cou Clair with Moon Spots!!  DOB 7/1/2009


MI Sugarcreek Wager On Me Dill's Oh Mighty Oak Dill's Go Old Hickorty
Promiseland LD Mimnet
Twin Creeks WS Talk About Me Goodwood Weisbaden
CH Twin Creeks BH Mriri's Zinnia
Old Mountain Farm ADA Roundabout Johnny On The Spot Roundabout Sir Spot-A-Lot
Roundabout Gretal
Enchanted Hill Ida Little Tot's Estate Joe-Pye
Enchanted Hill Cozette


2013 Buck/Doe Twins bred to Old Mountain Farm Gilgamesh

2014 Triplets 2 Doe's/1 Buck bred to Cu At Lil Red Barn Ticket 2 Persia