Calico Creek Arctic Myst


Bottom 3 pictures are of Myst's Dam

All photo's courtesy of Lisa at Calico Creek Farm

     Black and white with Blue Eyes and Polled!!  DOB 3/7/2011

Camanna TBR Arctic Blue Camanna FD Tim's Blue Rascal Hayseed Farm's FA Flash Dancer 
Sugar Pine RHB Blue Victoria
Camanna FS Blue Demetria Kehilan CA Final Stand
Camanna CS Sweet Harmony
Pecan Hollow Evening Waltz Pecan Hollow PS Tennessee Waltz *S MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +*S 
MCH/PGCH Little Rascals Dance for Joy *D 
Pecan Hollow Fawn
AGS National Champion Sr Doe 2013
AGS National Champion Best Udder 2013
MCH/PGCH Little Rascals Dance for Joy *D 
PGCH Pecan Hollow Jezzabelle 


2012 Twins

2013 Single Doe

2014 Twin Doe's bred to TX TWIN CREEKS RM SUPERNOVA*B 

2015 Singe Buck bred to Cabin Creek Minis Sir Bruno