Spirit Thunders Silhouette

Black Appaloosa
AMHA/AMHR Foaled 5/14/97 ~ 33.75 "


This is a gorgeous appaloosa mare. She is very refined with beautiful color. She is heavily appaloosa bred, she traces back 3 times to Chianti top and bottom of her pedigree.  She has gorgeous colorful foals and is a great addition to any appaloosa breeding program.. She had a gorgeous black blanketed colt for us in 2008, who looks to be a snow cap. 


Grandsire: Shadow Oaks Yellow Jacket

Grandam: Reina Del Sol

Sire: G F Billy The Kid  
Dam: CN Blue Mariah  

Grandsire: Adios Amigo

Grandam: Snow Bird


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2001 Foal Spirit Thunders Wampums Silhouette
Sire: Winners Circle Wampum

Spirit Thunders Kool Kaitlan
2002 Foal Spirit Thunders Kool Kaitlan
Sire: SMH Im Tu Kool

Knight Stars Vivala Boom
2003 Foal Knight Stars Vivala Boom
Sire: Knight Stars Shaboom

Spirit Thunders Wampums Silhouette

2006 Foal Sire: Knight Stars Shaboom

2008 Foal Rivendells Montana Ink
Sire: Darkmoons Orions Tattooed Star 

2009 Foal Rivendells Black in Style

Sire: Darkmoons Orions Tattooed Star


2011 Foal Rivendells Golden Silhouette
Sire: Hooten Hollows Austin T



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