Half Ass Acres White Noise

Black and White Spotted Jack 06/06/2005 32"  Registered MDR/ACOSA




Noise is an awesome Jack with two dark spotted eyes with heavy eyeliner , a broken stripe down his back, and several dark spots on each side. He is double registered with both the Miniature Donkey Registry and The American Council of Spotted Asses. His pedigree is filled with dark spotted, sorrels, and blacks including his grand sire, Dodge City Miniatures Jack of Spades, who is a 31" Black with a Star and Snip and No Light Points. Noise is very gentle with people and great with the jennets and their babies. Noise comes right up to you and begs for lovins and lets you know when he wants more!!. He is a proven producer of spotted babies even bred to solid jennets. Noise was a dream come true for me and I couldn't be any more happier with him! He is one of the prettiest Miniature Donkeys I have seen!

II cant wait to get Noise some Jennets!

  Grandsire: Dewey Meadows PRIMO

Grandam:  MFG Venus Godiva

Sire: MGF Primero  
Dam: Half Ass Acres Christy  
  Grandsire:  English Meadows Timothy

Grandam:  English Meadows Diana


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Some of Noise babies

Baby Jack